Tall & Short Perverts - Part.1

Movie comment: Uncensored video of Yoko Aoyama and Chika Ayase. Part.1 of 3. A tall lady, Yoko Aoyama, showed up riding motorcycle and a short lady, Chika Ayase, showed up riding bicycle with safety wheel. They start with body measurement which Chika proposed , Yoko’s height is 176.5cm and Chika’s is 133.5cm, the gap between them is more than 40cm! Then they move to breast size, they take off their clothes and Chika’s tits look bit bigger because of her shape of body. In fact, Chika’s plump tits are 88.5cm and Yoko’s uplifted tits are 88.5cm, they are different shape but exactly same size. After those measurement, they go to another room where a short guy, who’s bit taller than Chika, is tied up and they starts teasing him together.

Tall & Short Perverts – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: Tall & Short Perverts – Part.1

Pornstar: Youko Aoyama,Chika Ayase

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Pervert,Handjob,Pervert Play,Blowjob,Threesome,Handcuffs / Bondage,Soft SM

Date: 2017/04/19