Pinching & Pleasure, Queen's Parenting - Part.2

Movie comment: Usual day of Queen, Uta Komori, and her servant. A masochistic man, Fukuda, begs Queen, please train me, please step on me.. Alright, I’ll do it after you cleaned up my heels. she replies. He of course licks her heels diligently and now his request is granted. Fukuda begs again Please stick it into my anal.. As his anal is diddled by her, he requests more Please…please tie me up. wearing mask voluntarily. So Uta puts handcuff and chains to him, and starts full-scale training. His anal is fucked with strap-on dildo after being stimulated with whipping. His prostate receives pleasure thanks to the queen Uta.

Pinching & Pleasure, Queen’s Parenting – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Pinching & Pleasure, Queen’s Parenting – Part.2

Pornstar: Uta Komori

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Blowjob,Masturbation,Vibrator,Shaving Hair,Blindfold,Handcuffs / Bondage,Anal,Anal Toy,Anal Fuck

Date: 2017/03/03