A Naughty Wife Likes Anal Play - Part.1

Movie comment: Misa Yui, her short haircut looks great on her. She is wearing glasses and she looks normal wife. But she seduces a man What are you doing here? Oh, you’re looking at women’s ass all day long, aren’t you? You’re naughty. Hey, come with me to the bathroom.. Then both enter to a private room which is little bigger than usual one and she suddenly roll up her skirt. It’s hard to explain but her underwear makes her beautiful ass stand out. Her masturbation showing her slender legs and expressing ecstasy looks is so sexy and mesmerizing. On the later part, she enter the room and plays with some toy putting them into her anal for fun. You can enjoy her silky beautiful ass and tits on her showering scene. What kind of play is she going to show us on the next part? Enjoy it together with its part.2.

A Naughty Wife Likes Anal Play – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: A Naughty Wife Likes Anal Play – Part.1

Pornstar: Misa Yui

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Slender,Masturbation,Rotor

Date: 2016/10/14