A Clinic's Erotic Delusional Counselor - Part.1

Movie comment: Cute round face Devi. This time she plays a roll as Delusional Counselor at a clinic. She talks slowly to a patient Imagine a girl wearing bunny girl costume giving you a erotic service. Then naughty bunny girl Devi with sexy fishnet stocking emerges inside of a patients head. She sticks out her ass and shoves the patient’s dick into her mouth. The way she sucks a dick making a naughty sound is too arousing! When she drops her saliva onto his dick, he shoots load of cum like water pistol. Next scene is Devi’s fantasy, it is about being messed around with a dildo in front of her husband. A dildo is inserted to her wet and smooth pussy, and goes deeper swinging. Her moans Haa…it feels so gooood sounds like lullaby and it’s so arousing.

A Clinic’s Erotic Delusional Counselor – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: A Clinic’s Erotic Delusional Counselor – Part.1

Pornstar: Devi

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Blowjob,Masturbation,Vibrator

Date: 2016/06/22