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Mori: Night Life Of A Ladylike Wife

Young Wife

Night Life Of A Ladylike Wife

Movie comment: Mrs. Mori, she is a neat and ladylike wife and it’s hard to imagine her night life. She says she is a housewife and she spends daily life with house-keeping and cooking. It’s exciting to find out the sexiness of the lady like her who usually doesn’t reveal it. She seems to keep a secret naughty desire inside of her. Immediately, her beautiful white skin appears as she undresses her cloth slowly. She, in a way, looks more sexier than anyone who wears sexy dress to show off and to seduce men with overflowing sexual charm. Even though her skin is snow white but underneath her white panty, there’s pitch black bush hiding her secret part. She moans with transparent voice which stick in your ear when a rotor crawls into her bush and finds her clit. Her blowjob is also careful and obedient as expected. But she doesn’t a passive lady, she is trying hard to make the guy feel good sucking it deep using her tongue. In doggystyle, she leaks sexy and sexy moans as the guy’s pounding gets harder from the back. It’s nice to see breasts which is firm enough to keep its beautiful shape even in missionary position. The guy loses his rational mind and appreciates her erotic body. She gets load of cum on her breasts at last.

Night Life Of A Ladylike Wife


Movie Details

Title: Night Life Of A Ladylike Wife

Pornstar: Mori

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Blowjob,69,Rotor

Date: 2016/08/01

Shirouto: No Place To Go – Poor Looking Woman –


No Place To Go - Poor Looking Woman -

Movie comment: A woman showed up without makeup who would look like a guy if she had short haircut. She is not attractive nor sexy, skinny body and small tits. She says things like teenager even though she’s 32 I fought with my mother so can’t go home. She has meal and drinks alcohol again after drinking alcohol, taking a both, and having sex. She often catches a guy with telephone dating and devours free meals and hotel…

No Place To Go – Poor Looking Woman –


Movie Details

Title: No Place To Go – Poor Looking Woman –

Pornstar: Shirouto

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,69,Bath / Shower

Date: 2017/01/22

Satomi Takanashi: When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes


When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Movie comment: Slender and elegant wife, Satomi Takanashi. White arms peeked from her blouse looks sexy and her sophisticated sexual charm mesmerizes a man in front of her. A desire for messing with her is overflowing precisely because she looks neat and clean. Despite her looks, she has articulate personality and she is aggressive for sex. She show us her masturbation with a rotor and look like she gets used to it. It’s giving us some excitement when she, who has a modest impression until a while ago, rubs a rotor to her pussy and makes a naughty sound. At the scene of having sex in the kitchen, she aggressively licks around the guy’s body. Using her tongue in a skillful way, and using hands, mouth, and nipples, she leads him to a cumshot and which proves she’s really a naughty wife. On cowgirl position, her small but nice shape tits looks good and her nipple has beautiful pink color. Wives like her who looks neat and clean at a glance has a huge sexual desire inside, and it explodes at one sex.

When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes


Movie Details

Title: When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Pornstar: Satomi Takanashi

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,69,Masturbation,Blindfold

Date: 2016/05/21

Saeko Kimijima: Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2


Tall Queen's Training School - Part.2

Movie comment: Saeko Kimishima (AOI, Aoi Murakami) plays a roll of SM queen and teases short masochistic men, consist of 3 parts. One short man is called by queen. Although he is not sure what’s about to start, Saeko pulls his head toward her and gives him intense kiss. This intense kiss entangling their saliva last for a few minutes. Then 3 more men are called and she makes them lick her legs while kissing the first man. She sometime drops her saliva on the floor and makes them lick it. She is turned on with diligent pussy licking by those men and she at last orders them to fuck her. She soaks in pleasure tasting their dick taking-turn with her pussy.

Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2

Pornstar: Saeko Kimijima

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Handjob,Pervert Play,Blowjob,Double Blowjob,69,Soft SM,Facial

Date: 2017/02/28

Miyagawa: Amateur Adultery Wife In POV


Amateur Adultery Wife In POV

Movie comment: POV sex with a normal wife, Mrs. Miyagawa, who you could easily meet in some dating site. She is not particularly beautiful, but the atmosphere oozing from her is really sexy. Although she looks slender with clothes, her belly got flab when she is undressed. Her skin is smooth and nice touch. When her nipples, which are already stiff, are devoured, she feels pleasure twisting her body. She carefully sucks a dick using her tongue and sometime gives a meaningful smile. They fuck in missionary position and she quietly moans which is realistic and arousing. After the cumshot, she basks in the afterglow of sex saying I was nervous than usual, but it was sooo good. with smile.

Amateur Adultery Wife In POV


Movie Details

Title: Amateur Adultery Wife In POV

Pornstar: Miyagawa

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,69

Date: 2016/09/10

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