An Affable Mature Blooms Shaking Her Flab

Movie comment: Wakana Yamazaki (Natsuko Sakamoto) who lost her husband three years ago. She smiles a lot and she is attractive woman even with her well-rounded body. You would meet this kind of woman when you go to a supermarket, she would talk to you everyday staff at the checkout counter. It’s tiresome sometime but with her smile it would turn out comfortable. She first comes in front of the camera and pee smiling and saying It’s kind of addictive.. Then she is tied up with turtle shell bondage and diddled around carefully. Her pussy is soaked with naughty juice as a man rub it. And her pussy makes a naughty sounds which echoes the room when a vibrator is inserted. She drenches in sexual pleasure raising her sweet moans and shaking her flabby body when her big plump ass is fucked… Enjoy her big tits, big ass, and loooose body.

An Affable Mature Blooms Shaking Her Flab


Movie Details

Title: An Affable Mature Blooms Shaking Her Flab

Pornstar: Wakana Yamazaki

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Vibrator,Anal,Anal Toy

Date: 2016/09/13