A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature

Movie comment: Wakana Yamasaki (Natsuko Sakamoto), she is like one of frank relatives you see at some family party. She is not a hottie but she smiles a lot and her chubby body would grab minds of niche fans. She first wears nothing but an apron. Her well-covered fat on her body appears and it’s erotic already. Her big tits look yummy enough to make the guy devours them right away. The guy fondles her chubby and handful white ass avidly as she sticks it out. Her entrance looks small and it gives you an idea that it may great for tightening your dick when sex. She feels so much pleasure expressing ecstasy when fingered. How she licks dick is so careful and diligent. She spins her tongue and wraps his dick with it when she gives a blowjob. Then she aggressively swings her chubby body and tits in cowgirl position. Her orgasm leaking sweet moans is beyond expectation and is a must-see. In the end, her tits are covered with load of cum.

A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature


Movie Details

Title: A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature

Pornstar: Wakana Yamazaki

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob

Date: 2016/08/11