Mature in 50's with Blushed Skin

Movie comment: This time’s wife is a talkative 50’s lady, Sachiko Nakaoka. Her skin is silky white and fine-grinded. Her nipples are light pink color. Her pussy is already wet before being touch and makes us want to lick it forever. When the guy plays her pussy with his middle finger, her pussy makes a naughty sound and she enters into a pleasure world. She seems like she’s exciting about double penetration with dildo which is her first time experience. She express her ecstasy throughout her body moaning really loud when her slender body is fucked hard with doggystyle position. When she knocks up with cowgirl position is such a turn on!!!

Mature in 50’s with Blushed Skin


Movie Details

Title: Mature in 50’s with Blushed Skin

Pornstar: Sachiko Nakaoka

Age: 50’s

Genre: Slender,Vibrator,Anal

Date: 2016/04/13