Fully Ripened 50's Mature Blooms Sexily

Movie comment: Hisae Sugimura who lives in Kohto area of Tokyo. She has an atmosphere like working at the sketchy boutique at local shopping district. She gives a comfortable feeling with her modest looks. Her breasts are not too small for her slender body. Her slender and beautiful legs are like juicy fruit and it’s breath-taking. Her nipples are unique shape and attractive enough for men to go crazy. Under her white panty, fully ripened and tasty pussy is being wrapped by her bush. Her pussy gets filled with naughty juice every time its fingered and swallows a man’s finger deeper… Their kissing is intense so she gets embarrassed a little. But she tries hard to give him a pleasure by touching and fondling his nipples and loins. Although most of mature in 50’s give a great blowjob, her blowjob is little ticking. She looks passive about sex, but she is willing to boost the sex mood which is great. The man sticks his dick up to her heavy looking ass in cowgirl position. And naughty sound of their intercourse echoes in doggystyle. Every time he fuck her, she express pleasure on her face which looks beautiful. He shoots cum aiming her sexy lips at last and it glistens her lips and makes her more bewitching. This is why men who have fetish for matures love to have sex with a woman like her.

Fully Ripened 50’s Mature Blooms Sexily


Movie Details

Title: Fully Ripened 50’s Mature Blooms Sexily

Pornstar: Kotoe Sugimura

Age: 50’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Facial

Date: 2016/08/03