Scentful Mature's Sex In 25 Years

Movie comment: Katsuko Tajima who is 57 years old and lives in Saitama Pref. She is almost 60 but she lies about her age as 45 sometime. She is spotted by local people often when she is gardening with no-sleeve in summer time. Even though she is usual woman, her arms peeked from her one-piece dress is silky white and have full of elegance. She says she have broken a vibrator before but we don’t know how hard she plays with it usually… She’s a funny woman. And it’s been 25 years since her last sex. She is going to become wild as much as she wants releasing her long suppressed sexual urge. First, she is played with vibrator & rotor. Every time her pussy is messed around with those toys, it is filled with naughty juice and gives off erotic scent thanks to her sexual urge and frustration which is much stronger that 25 years ago. The way she expresses ecstasy on her face is like recalling her passionate sex at time of her youth. In side position, her saggy belly trembles which is normal for her age and it catches mature fan’s heart. She groans wild and bounces on the top of a man in cowgirl position. Lastly, her tits receive cum after being pounded hard in missionary. She finally takes back 25 years of blank.

Scentful Mature’s Sex In 25 Years


Movie Details

Title: Scentful Mature’s Sex In 25 Years

Pornstar: Katsuko Tajima

Age: 50’s

Genre: Rotor,Vibrator

Date: 2016/08/06