Entangling with 50's Mature, Ayame Fuji

Movie comment: Ayame Fuji, she starts dirty talk sitting in the distinctive japanese room. She seems to be curious about a rotor which moves suspiciously. It looks alive and it’s filled with naughty desire leading her to the orgasm. She praises this toy saying I do not cum with usual rotor but this one could get me there.. On the later part, a short drama starts and she’s on cooking wear. When a guy places himself over Ayame, she takes him to the gust room and starts having sex. She is undressed and turns on by pinching nipples with chopsticks. Her exposed breasts are big and looks really tasty. Her white cotton panty is also arousing. Her pussy is wide opened and it’s erotic shape and color. She expresses ecstasy saying It’s hot… and it’s electrifying feeling. when the guy sucks her pussy. Her loose and saggy belly become apparent at the time of blowjob. It’s supreme moment when fucking her on doggystyle position grabbing her breasts. When the guy cum on her face, she is mesmerized and says Ah, it’s yummy… I’m happy..

Entangling with 50’s Mature, Ayame Fuji


Movie Details

Title: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Ayame Fuji

Pornstar: Ayame Fuji

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob,69,Rotor,Shaving Hair,Facial

Date: 2016/06/23