Entangling with 50's Mature, Ayako Satonaka 55

Movie comment: Ayako Satonaka, debut on 2004, and she left a lot of works. Her hobby is gardening and it suit her petit atmosphere. Even though she’s slender and her collar bone can be seen clearly, she has a bit saggy but big tits which captivate many fans. This time she appears with black kinomo. The black and white contrast of her kimono and skin looks sexy. She is undressed her kimno with old fashion way like old japanese movie then her beautiful big tits are emerged from inside. Her body shape is perfect. At time of blowjob, she is sucking a dick and it looks so naughty but can’t hold it all in her mouth as it’s too big. When you look at her pussy opening and waiting for a dick, you will be engaging in sexual intercourse like crazy even if you don’t have a sexual urge for the moment. Her kissing entangling her tongue and being grabbed her tits is exciting view so that the guy’s pounding gets harder and harder. She is drawn to the sexual pleasure for too much of pleasure on missionary position. The guy is a pervert but Ayako is a great deal pervert as well. Enjoy her perfect and mesmerizing body.

Entangling with 50’s Mature, Ayako Satonaka 55


Movie Details

Title: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Ayako Satonaka 55

Pornstar: Ayako Satonaka

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Kimono / Yukata,Blowjob,Rotor,Vibrator

Date: 2016/06/30