Charismatic 50's Mature, Ayako Satonaka's Charm

Movie comment: A video of Ayako Satonaka, who has an enormous popularity among mature/milf niche. Her hobby is traveling and gardening. She is an usual good mother in private. Her charm is her white and soft big breasts and her soft features which makes you feel motherhood. The way she drinks tea in tatami room is like the scene you would see everyday and makes you feel a sense of affinity in the beginning of the video. Her turtle shell bondage emphasizes her big breasts and white skin which is exciting. Despite her neat and clean atmosphere, she pees boldly in the bathroom and she sucks a dick using her naughty tongue then leads a man to sexual pleasure. The scene of doggystyle sex is eye-catching enough as their insertion part is closed up. Her soft and white breasts are trembling in every position which is so beautiful. Ayako Satonaka moans delicately no matter how hard the sex is.

Charismatic 50’s Mature, Ayako Satonaka’s Charm


Movie Details

Title: Charismatic 50’s Mature, Ayako Satonaka’s Charm

Pornstar: Ayako Satonaka

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Blowjob,Rotor

Date: 2016/09/09