Mind of 40's Wife Filled with Naughty Stuff

Movie comment: 40’s wife is thinking about naughty things all the time. When she sees some good looking guy, she fantasizes an affair with him, and when she sees vegetable in the kitchen, she can’t help thinking about inserting it into her pussy… Such wife’s atmosphere attracts same kind of frustrated men. This time of wife is Yukari Nitta, she has long and sexy black hair. She, on first sight, looks earnest but she’s actually a naughty wife. She masturbates every night and she can’t sleep without it. She’s wearing pink satin underwear and it’s surprising a wife like her wears this kind of underwear for the guy. When her pussy is played with electronic massager, she demands intensely saying do it in the middle of my pussy, do whatever you want! and my boobs too! so the guy gets little confused. She reaches orgasm when her pussy, anal, clit, and nipples are messed around. Her aggressive blowjob trying to make the guy feel good is so arousing. She goes wild when she’s pounded in missionary position and her face is covered with cum at last and it looks so bewitching.

Mind of 40’s Wife Filled with Naughty Stuff


Movie Details

Title: Mind of 40’s Wife Filled with Naughty Stuff

Pornstar: Yukari nitta

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Rotor,Electric Massager,Facial

Date: 2016/05/25