Young Looking Mature's Flaming Affair

Movie comment: Yukari Kurosaki, she looks younger than her actual age. She is a cute wife with droopy eyes. She hasn’t been had sex with her husband anymore, but she has some experience of affair, not so many though, as she have learned the joy of a woman recently. Her overwhelming sexual desire leads to a porn movie. Although she’s little nervous about this first time porn, her amateur attitude is attractive. She first tied up with rope and she says It’s kinda exciting…. Her breasts protruded from the rope looks naughty and make us want to suck it. As those guys fondle her breasts intensely, she gets turned on and her breathe gets rough. Her clit and small pussy is hiding under the panty and it gives a naughty fantasy. When the guy licks and fingers her pussy hard, she gets sweaty and her moan and naughty churning sound of her pussy echoes in the room. She, who was shy about this at first, starts begging for a dick while being played with a vibrator. She diligently moves her waist on reverse cowgirl position and she goes wild with missionary sex, so the guy gets excited and his pounding gets harder.

Young Looking Mature’s Flaming Affair


Movie Details

Title: Young Looking Mature’s Flaming Affair

Pornstar: Yukari Kurosaki

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Rotor,Vibrator

Date: 2016/07/16