Fatigued Wife Dreams of Extreme Sex

Movie comment: This time of wife is Mrs. Suzuki who looks somehow homely. From her look, she might get irritated only by being hit by someone’s shoulder accidentally. Although she has a grumpy atmosphere and she’s not the kind of woman who most of men would go for, she becomes really naughty when she is turned on… When she is fondled by two men, surprisingly she expresses ecstasy and she seems to be excited by spanking too. She mumbles Ahaa…please fuck me…. while her clit and nipples are diddled by experienced fingers. Her pussy is soaked as she is turned on with her careful blowjob using hands. Her pussy makes naughty sounds in missionary position entangling with a dick. Her ass is tight and good looking in doggystyle too. Enjoy dreaming and unrealistic sex of a usual wife.

Fatigued Wife Dreams of Extreme Sex


Movie Details

Title: Fatigued Wife Dreams of Extreme Sex

Pornstar: Suzuki

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Handjob,Blowjob,Threesome

Date: 2016/07/15