Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40's - 3

Movie comment: Shiho Minami, her splendid curly hair makes us think that she owns some night pub. In the beginning, she tells that she would like to be tied up, messed around, and then she wants to pee. As she wished, she wears kimono in fishy tatami room and she is humiliated by being tied up and grabbed her boobs, stimulated with electronic massager, and poked with a vibrator by men who wear mask… Her pussy gets loose and gushes naughty water. Then she gives blowjob avidly. She leads those penis to sexual pleasure turning head around. When she is fucked in cowgirl position, she jumps up saying she loves the feeling of a penis poking her uterus… Her hair looks so naughty in missionary sex which is a must-see. At last, she reaches orgasm saying Let me cum at the same time!. Then cum is shot on her face and she soaks in afterglow of sex feeling warmth of semen.

Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40’s – 3


Movie Details

Title: Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40’s – 3

Pornstar: Shiho Minami

Age: 40’s

Genre: Kimono / Yukata,Blowjob,Vibrator,Electric Massager,Facial

Date: 2016/10/09