Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40's - 1

Movie comment: Shiho Minami, she is a single mature in 40’s. She is wearing a vintage suit and looks like an owner of some pub. Even though she has a boyfriend, she has two more sexual companions. She says she is always filled with naughty thoughts, so she daily masturbates as her hobby. And she tends to pee a lot and tells her past experience. Her whole body looks like sensitive so that she feels pleasure with only a slight touch. When she is undressed, her tits wrapped around with white bra are appeared. Her pink color nipples makes us want to suck it too. She says she wants to go to the bathroom, but she is asked to hold it and stimulated her loins. She is unable to hold it anymore and pee all over the futon mattress. From that point, she gets very aggressive and she seduces a man rubbing her tits on a guy’s loins. After she took off his pants, she holds his penis and sucks it showing her techniques which is eye-catching. On the later part, she wears black kimono and pees showing one side of her tits.

Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40’s – 1


Movie Details

Title: Abnormal Tendency Of A Single Mature in 40’s – 1

Pornstar: Shiho Minami

Age: 40’s

Genre: Handjob,Blowjob,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/09/25