40's Chubby Body, Satsuki Kawano 41 Years Old

Movie comment: Satsuki Kawano, she was engaged in announcing job at the famous department for a long time. She’s a little chubby lady but her make-up and hair style is neat and looks beautiful. She reads out a sentence of erotic novel like announcing at department. She’s such an attractive woman but she hasn’t had sex more than a year since she divorced. So this time, we ask her to challenges rough threesome sex. When unbuttoning her cloth, her white and ample breasts wrapped around by red bra are emerged. When two guys is about to touch her nipples, she looks like she braces herself and she leaks orotund moan when her nipples are messed around. The guy seems like her blowjob which shows her long time sexual frustration. The scene she gets rough with doggystyle position shaking her breasts and belly has a tremendous impact and is a must-see. She sometime gets shy even when she boldly enjoys sex which gives us favorable impression to her. Please enjoy!

40’s Chubby Body, Satsuki Kawano 41 Years Old


Movie Details

Title: 40’s Chubby Body, Satsuki Kawano 41 Years Old

Pornstar: Satsuki Kawano

Age: 40’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob,Threesome

Date: 2016/04/30