When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Movie comment: Slender and elegant wife, Satomi Takanashi. White arms peeked from her blouse looks sexy and her sophisticated sexual charm mesmerizes a man in front of her. A desire for messing with her is overflowing precisely because she looks neat and clean. Despite her looks, she has articulate personality and she is aggressive for sex. She show us her masturbation with a rotor and look like she gets used to it. It’s giving us some excitement when she, who has a modest impression until a while ago, rubs a rotor to her pussy and makes a naughty sound. At the scene of having sex in the kitchen, she aggressively licks around the guy’s body. Using her tongue in a skillful way, and using hands, mouth, and nipples, she leads him to a cumshot and which proves she’s really a naughty wife. On cowgirl position, her small but nice shape tits looks good and her nipple has beautiful pink color. Wives like her who looks neat and clean at a glance has a huge sexual desire inside, and it explodes at one sex.

When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes


Movie Details

Title: When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Pornstar: Satomi Takanashi

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,69,Masturbation,Blindfold

Date: 2016/05/21