In The Absence Of A Mature's Husband

Movie comment: A plump body mature, Reiko Takagi. Her curly hair looks cute. One day, her husband yells at his brother, who sits around the house doing nothing, to get a job. Reiko feels pity for his brother and cover him up. And she seduces her step brother to have a sexual relationship while her husband is away for the business trip. Her step brother gets confused with her unusual behavior at first but he goes with her instruction… When he takes off her white blouse, her tits looks too big to fit into her bra. He unhooks her bra saying I’ve been craving your tits for a long time.. And he gets excited with her big tits which are too much to handle and he enjoys her big tits as much as he wants sucking those nipples avidly. His rational mind is already gone and he opens her legs and jumps onto her pussy. She moans with his young and bold approach, and she leads him to sexual pleasure with her skillful tongue in return. In cowgirl sex, she soaks in continuous pleasure twisting her waist and shaking her big tits and flabby belly. Her missionary sex must be enticing for chubby mature fans.

In The Absence Of A Mature’s Husband


Movie Details

Title: In The Absence Of A Mature’s Husband

Pornstar: Reiko Takagi

Age: 40’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob

Date: 2016/09/30