Black Hair Beauty in 40's Goes Wild

Movie comment: Mizuho Nakayama, she is a beautiful wife with pitch black hair. She looks fine and intellectual on first glance but she gets really naughty in bed. She groans wild twisting her body which doesn’t fit her beautiful feature, but just staring at her ecstatic look gives enough enticement. In private, she works hard and she is a great house at home, but she goes really wild like this quite the contrary. When she is asked to take off all of her cloth, her beautiful & firm tits and loose belly hidden by her outfit appear. Touch of her body is soft and is like stuffed toy. She soaks in pleasure moaning like shouting when her pussy is licked around. She devours sexual pleasure with her drenched pussy in cowgirl position. She craves for a penis in doggystyle and she goes crazy by continuous hard pounding. At last, a load of cum is shot on her tits and she mumbles how great is was.

Black Hair Beauty in 40’s Goes Wild


Movie Details

Title: Black Hair Beauty in 40’s Goes Wild

Pornstar: Mizuho Nakayama

Age: 40’s

Genre: Blowjob

Date: 2016/08/13