Erotic Day of Slutty Mature - Part.4

Movie comment: Kyoko Masuyama, she’s a mature in 40 who has an erotic nature in every way. She has devoured a son’s friend, young man, and old man one after another. On this last part, she goes wild in front of her lover. She is giving him electricity-feeling pleasure by licking all over him. He twitches his body with her petting from the back and he even bends backward with her ass-licking. Then she starts sucking his dick as the sexual mood reaches climax. She sucks it fondly with both hand and leads him a sexual pleasure. Her blowjob makes naughty sounds echoing through a quiet room. When she bends over and let him touch her pussy, it’s wet enough already and ready to have his dick. She begs him to calm her sexual urge with his fully-erected one. So he starts pounding hard from the back and she drenches in pleasure moaning with sexy and sweet voice. Their up-and-down movement in cowgirl position is really rough and it’s exciting view. You cannot take your eyes off from her twisting naughty body.

Erotic Day of Slutty Mature – Part.4


Movie Details

Title: Erotic Day of Slutty Mature – Part.4

Pornstar: Kyoko Masuyama

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Sexy Underwear,Blowjob

Date: 2016/07/01