Ayano Murasaki, The Secret of A Celebrity - Part.2

Movie comment: Ayano Murasaki is visiting her parents for the first time in decades. Her house seems to be owned by other person now. She knocks the door and call out from outside, but nobody answered. Then she suddenly has urge to pee so she asks the person who might be in the house to use their bathroom from outside but there’s no answer. So she reluctantly pees in the yard. Suddenly somebody shouts What the hell you doing here! and it turns out Irie who used to be her driver and he is the owner of her house now. He asks her for a cup of tea so they get inside. When he serves tea, he accidentally spill it on her knee. She gets pissed and raises her voice, and Irie’s attitude has changed at once. I’m not your servant or driver anymore!!! then he takes her to another room and starts diddling her with his subordinate, Wada. Her white suit becomes in disarray and her big tits are slipped out from her white bra. Irie keeps messing around her pussy with electronic massager until she pees. Wada, on the other hand, lost his rational mind and starts grabbing her tits and devours her ripened body. Then Wada fucks her in missionary position and pounds her as much as he please.

Ayano Murasaki, The Secret of A Celebrity – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Ayano Murasaki, The Secret of A Celebrity – Part.2

Pornstar: Ayano Murasaki

Age: 40’s

Genre: Famous Actress,Big Tits,Blowjob,Electric Massager

Date: 2016/08/31