An Entrapped Madam - Part.1 Unknown Call

Movie comment: Uncensored drama of Yuki Tsukamoto (Chiyuki Makimoto), consist of 3 parts. Life of a wife, who lives in high-class residential area, is collapsed by a phone call… Her parents are listed billionaires raking. She could have everything she wanted from her early age, and she got married with a son of the president of foreign company and she was continuing her gorgeous life. But she got bored with her life and started selling herself to rich men. She doesn’t care about money, immoral thrill and sex is her motivation. To avoid any risk, she was having fun carefully choosing men, which she thought she was. One day, she received a phone call. She never given her phone number to anyone who she had affairs, but Yuki picked up a call anyway. Mrs. Tsukamoto, are you playing around with men frequently, aren’t you?, this phone call was the beginning of collapse of her life…

An Entrapped Madam – Part.1 Unknown Call


Movie Details

Title: An Entrapped Madam – Part.1 Unknown Call

Pornstar: Yuuki Tsukamoto

Age: 30’s

Genre: Famous Actress,Nympho,Big Tits,Masturbation,Vibrator

Date: 2017/02/06