Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.3

Movie comment: Yuka Fujisaki has been making money deceiving some president of companies. It’s accidentally became public and she is going to be punished for it. This time, her embarrassing play will be displayed to the people who she has been deceiving. Although she did not agree with it at first, but she starts showing her masturbation in front of the crowd. She drops her saliva on large size vibrator and masturbates with it shaking her big tits. You can see the vibrator crawls into her pussy. Her tits pushed against the fence looks so sexy and she expresses ecstasy on her face. On the later part, she is set on the table and played with a vibrator. This one is swinging vibrator and it looks intense. It is inserted to her suck out ass deep enough, and she drops a lot of naughty juice making naughty moans.

Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.3


Movie Details

Title: Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.3

Pornstar: Yuuka Matsushita

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Masturbation,Vibrator

Date: 2016/07/16