Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.2

Movie comment: This is a membership club at somewhere. Yuka Fujioka, she has been deceiving money from many presidents of company in a bad manner and she is going to be punished for it. Her arms and legs are tied up with chains but she does not shrink back and she yells at him I said I will pay back your money! at first. However as her pussy and nipples are played with electronic massager, she starts moaning with inevitable pleasure. The man never stop this vibrating toy so she screams like Ahaa…I’m cumming I’m cumming!. Then her pussy is fucked with swinging dildo deep enough. She tries not to fall for it but the dildo is going deeper and deeper as she moves around. Her pussy is wet enough already and her naughty juice drops from her pussy like creampie thanks to the swinging monster. Enjoy her non-stop toy play.

Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Beauty Is Punished for Bad Behavior -Part.2

Pornstar: Yuuka Matsushita

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Rotor,Vibrator,Electric Massager,Handcuffs / Bondage,Soft SM

Date: 2016/07/13