Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians - Part.4

Movie comment: Uncensored video of Elly Arai (Elly Akira, Yuka Osawa), Anna Kawamura, and Asuka Ishihara. This is a part.4 of 6 episodes and is about the queen Anna and two lesbians. On this part.4, queen Anna gives personal instruction to Asuka. Anna says Alright, Asuka. I’m gonna teach you something fun. while petting Asuka’s body gently. You have a nice pair of tits. as Anna grabs her big tits, Asuka is gradually feeling naughty. Then queen Anna shows her tits too and Asuka avidly grabs them and even sucks her nipples. Queen Anna is also turned on now, so she takes off her underwear and asks Asuka to lick Anna’s pussy. Asuka joyfully licks Anna’s pussy and Anna sits on Asuka’s face and rubs own pussy and moans with sexy voice. When Anna gets almost cum, she changes her position to 69 and she stimulates Asuka’s pussy. Asuka is feeling too much pleasure until now so that she cannot hold her pee with Anna’s touch on the top of her underwear.

Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.4


Movie Details

Title: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.4

Pornstar: Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara

Age: 30’s

Genre: Pervert,Big Tits,Chubby,69,Lotion,Squirt,Lesbian

Date: 2017/01/26