Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians - Part.1

Movie comment: Uncensored video of Elly Arai (Elly Akira, Yuka Osawa), Anna Kawamura, and Asuka Ishihara. This is a part.1 of 6 episodes and is about the queen Anna and two lesbians. Yuka and Asuka become servants of the queen Anna from today. The queen makes them declare their loyalty to her. Although the queen always hires two lesbian, past lesbians disappear together becoming intimate. As a first step, lesbians lick the queen’s feet. But the queen isn’t satisfied with their service as they suck at it. So the queen teaches them licking lesbian’s feet, both lesbians are stimulated their pussy with the queen’s feet while being licked their feet. Then the mood evokes, those three end up filling sexual urge entangling each other. However, the other day, there’s two lesbian meeting secretly each other at pool side…

Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.1

Pornstar: Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara

Age: 30’s

Genre: Famous Actress,Pervert,Big Tits,Chubby,Slender,Masturbation,Threesome,Soft SM,Lesbian

Date: 2017/01/07