Simple Wife's Overflowing Sexual Urge

Movie comment: Mrs. Uehara, she’s from Kyoto and she looks like an fresh recruit with black long hair. Her modest dialect has soothing tone. She’s in marriage for 4 years and she only has plain and dull sex with her husband. So she relieves her sexual desire outside when it’s not satisfied and she doesn’t feel guilty about it at all. Even she has an experience of lesbian play with another wife by approaching after chat. Despite her modest look, she’s a really naughty one. She seems to be turned on when she is slapped on her ass. Her naughty churning sound of her pussy echoes in the room when fingered. It’s exciting to see how she licks and sucks a man’s dick & balls and leads him to a sexual pleasure using her tongue and hands. On a cowgirl sex, her nice shaped tits flips out and she goes wild swinging her long black hair as she’s pounded hard in various position.

Simple Wife’s Overflowing Sexual Urge


Movie Details

Title: Simple Wife’s Overflowing Sexual Urge

Pornstar: Uehara

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob

Date: 2016/06/08