A Secret Relationship - Part.2

Movie comment: Shizuku, she had a secret relationship with a young man at Part.1. On this Part.2, somehow a young man lost his memory in this story. He can even remember who are his parents. A young man is trying hard to bring back his memory and he is writing down events happened in a few days. Shizuki starts writing about a secret relationship vividly while he is away from the note. On that night, her husband talks to her reminding that young man Well, if I lost my memory, it would be great to have sex with you cause every sex would be fresh experience. and she replies It’s like having first sex every night?, then they starts messing around optimistically. Her husband seems to be turned on by her zebra print underwear which she wore at the time of sex with that young man. Her pussy is already wet and makes naughty sound when touched. Her blowjob is so wild and arousing. He pounds her so hard enough to make squeaky sound of the bed in missionary position and she looks reasonably satisfied with the sex. But she feels little short comparing to the sex with that young man.

A Secret Relationship – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: A Secret Relationship – Part.2

Pornstar: Shizuku

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,69

Date: 2016/07/25