Common But Slutty Wife With Kyoto Dialect

Movie comment: Sae Kimura, she is cute wife in 30’s with common touch and she looks like a normal office worker. The way she gets embarrassed with naughty questions is also cute. Her guard seems to be very low. The guy couldn’t hold his urge anymore and starts grabbing her tits which are bigger than expected from the top of her camisole. Only a slight touch to her nipples, she becomes very sensitive expressing ecstasy on her face and soaking in sexual pleasure. And she seems to like his dirty talks. While he diddling her ass, he talks to her Hey, say you like it! but she shakes her head at first as it’s too embarrassing for her. But when he stop diddling, she mumbles I like being played my ass… begging for more. She drenches in pleasure moaning like anime voice by his pussy licking. And she is madly in love with his dick which is bigger than any other men she had sex with before. She intensely licks it without hesitation. She again soaks in pleasure trembling her knees when his dick is inserted to her wet and aching pussy from the behind. Her slender body and relatively big tits are bouncing up and down in cowgirl position. She moans like she’s screaming of pleasure at the end of missionary sex.

Common But Slutty Wife With Kyoto Dialect


Movie Details

Title: Common But Slutty Wife With Kyoto Dialect

Pornstar: Sae Kimura

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/08/09