Risa Ibuki And Invisible Man

Movie comment: There is a young man who can become invisible. When he’s just standing at the park, an office worker, Risa Ibuki, walks toward him looing away and they bumped each other. She puts a Band-Aid to him saying sorry. He admires her attitude and somehow follows her becoming invisible and he managed to enter her apartment. He enjoys her legs and panty under the skirt, then starts jerking off while she’s having a meal and shoots cum on her salad but she doesn’t seem to notice it. Although she thinks today’s dressing taste different, she keeps eating it anyway. When she goes to pee, he pushes the door of washroom not to open. So she gives up and pees in the bathroom instead, which he also enjoy watching it. Later, she starts working at her house and she calls a male co-worker for discuss business and does it together. The invisible man is keep touching her while they are on the job, so she gets eventually turned on and ends up with having sex with her co-worker.

Risa Ibuki And Invisible Man


Movie Details

Title: Risa Ibuki And Invisible Man

Pornstar: Risa Ibuki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Fishnet,Blowjob,Facial

Date: 2016/12/11