Exciting Day with Little Impish Maid - Extra

Movie comment: Riho Matsuoka, she’s wearing pretty maid costume. Today, looks like her master is having a friend over his house. When his friend envies master’s pretty and naughty maid, her master instructs Riho to give his service to his friend as she always does to her master. Riho, who does not like being used as sexual object, says Please spank me and pinch my nipples to his friend and he gets really horny. He spanks her ass as much as he want and turns her maid costume up. When he grabs her soft and resilient tits emerged from under her costume and pinches her nipples, she leaks sexy moan. Then she opens her leg being tied by chains, beautiful pink pussy is appeared. Master’s friend plays with her clit carefully and her pussy gets so wet. After her diligent blowjob, she soaks in pleasure in cowgirl position shaking her tits peeked from her maid costume.

Exciting Day with Little Impish Maid – Extra


Movie Details

Title: Exciting Day with Little Impish Maid – Extra

Pornstar: Riho Matsuoka

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Blowjob,Rotor

Date: 2016/05/11