Frustrated & Sexually Greedy Wife

Movie comment: Reiko Odagiri, who looks a bit exotic with brown eyes and remarkable feature, is suspecting that her husband might be a gay. She must have some ancestry from outside of Japan. She prefers masturbating rather than sex with her husband as it ends pretty quick. Although she hasn’t cheated on her husband lately, she has experience with 18 guys. Despite her dashy feature, she looks so elegant wearing t-back. She said that she is touched by stranger in public occasionally, but she somehow likes it very much and gets turned on with it. Her relatively large clit is sensitive enough as well as her pussy and anal when they are licked. Her underwear makes naughty stain when her pussy is fingered. Her smile seeing a guy’s big dick tells that she is sexually frustrated enough. She avidly enjoys his dick voluntarily inserting in cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary position. His big dick seems to be a great treat for her. She make an appeal as she’s looking for fucking friends while sucking a guy’s dick, and she also says that she wants you to fuck her when you see her. *Please note that a part of the video is pixelated

Frustrated & Sexually Greedy Wife


Movie Details

Title: Frustrated & Sexually Greedy Wife

Pornstar: Reiko Odagiri

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob

Date: 2016/12/31