A Wife's Unstoppable Orgasm

Movie comment: Reiko Odagiri, she is a house wife who lives in Ota-ku and has been married for 2 years. A guy asks Haven’t you had sex with love lately? and she returns I prefer sex with pleasure rather than love.. Well, she is a naughty wife despite her looks. She says she cannot cum with her husband, so that she usually uses toys to reach orgasm. She must be sexually frustrated so bad. Her soft breasts looks nice and sensitive. Her features are sophisticated and her body is also erotic enough. It’s a shame that her husband doesn’t care much about this good wife. Naughty play now begins and she twists her body for sexual pleasure when her pussy is rubbed by on the top of her underwear. She soon reaches orgasm and is asked to crawl on all fours, and her pussy keeps being stimulated with e-massager. Then she ends up squirting with fingering. Have fun with this slutty wife who cannot stop her orgasm.

A Wife’s Unstoppable Orgasm


Movie Details

Title: A Wife’s Unstoppable Orgasm

Pornstar: Reiko Odagiri

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,Electric Massager,Squirt

Date: 2017/02/04