Flashy Lady Goes Wild At Hotel

Movie comment: Naomi Aoyama, she is from a rural area. Looks like she used to be a rambunctious one at her younger time judging from the way she talks. She says she will not be able to do anything when she’s in love so she prefers casual relationship. Although she didn’t like sex at the age of 25, she realized the joy of sex with her boyfriend at that time and now she has overflowing erotic atmosphere. Immediately she starts messing around with a guy in the car. When their mood is enhanced, they arrives at the hotel. The guy make his dick calm down once and get into the hotel. It is Japanese style room and they start shooting after setting camera. They start with chatting and gradually they are becoming really naughty. After her intense kiss, she takes out his dick from his pants and starts blowjob. She is sucking his dick and balls diligently with sharp eyes like a cougar even though her cloth has zebra print. They get into their intercourse wildly and her tight pussy wets his finger. They have sex on the table and she soaks in pleasure with loud moans. She leads him to sexual pleasure moving around her waist in cowgirl position. She enjoys afterglow of hard pounding doggystyle sex with trembling moans.

Flashy Lady Goes Wild At Hotel


Movie Details

Title: Flashy Lady Goes Wild At Hotel

Pornstar: Naomi Aoyama

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob

Date: 2016/08/27