Slutty Home Teacher - Part.2

Movie comment: Mio Katagiri, she is a home teacher of Takashi. She is a beautiful teacher with black hair. On the part.1, her sex with another teacher was spotted by Takashi. So she begs him not to tell anyone saying Would you keep the secret if I do whatever you say?. Then he asks her to open her legs and he plays with her underwear on the top of her pantyhose. When he makes her on all fours, her beautiful ass is stuck out in front of him. He avidly tears off her pantyhose and his sexual urge gets escalated. He starts diddling her body making her wear see-through costume. He stick weird looking rotor into her pussy after enjoying pussy fingering and stimulates her with its remote switch. Every time the switch is on, she soaks in pleasure with sexy moans. Then they go back to study leaving the rotor into her pussy and he plays pranks pushing the switch when his father appears. His father notices the sound but he doesn’t know what it is. Takashi asks her to wear more erotic costume after his father left his room.

Slutty Home Teacher – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Slutty Home Teacher – Part.2

Pornstar: Mio Katagiri

Age: 30’s

Genre: Masturbation,Rotor,Vibrator

Date: 2016/08/21