Sexually Attractive Divorced Woman

Movie comment: 35 years old and 2 times divorced woman, Miki. She apparently looks attractive to men for sexual reason. Reason of the divorce was not like getting out of ever-lasting fight or huge debt, her ex-husband just said Let’s get divorced. that’s it. So she does not hate him at all even now. Her first sex was at the age of 17 with Iranian guy. She was picked up by him in a train. She says she lost her virginity taking a whole day at his apartment because it was too painful. Then she went to university and her somehow lost chastity, she was end up fucking anyone when she’s drunk. She says she learned intense sex with her boss at work when she was 22, but the boss was cheating his wife so it went ugly and she had to quit her job.

Sexually Attractive Divorced Woman


Movie Details

Title: Sexually Attractive Divorced Woman

Pornstar: Miki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Handjob,Blowjob

Date: 2017/03/09