Strong-minded Wife Betrays Her Husband

Movie comment: A wife, Mayu Haga. Although she is a neat woman, she is an assertive type pf person. She would yell like Hey, we cannot afford this, put it back! at her husband if he is tossing stuff whatever he wants in shopping basket. She is strong-minded wife so her sexual desire must be strong as well. She starts masturbating opening her legs with entrancing looks. She soaks in pleasure putting rotor on her resilient breasts. Her breasts are exposed soon after she undressed and those resilient breasts are pointing up. She puts smile on her face when her pussy is touched on the top of her panty while being grabbed her breasts from the back. After their petting, she starts licking the guy’s nipples and moves down to his dick. Her blowjob is like licking ice candy in the naughty way. In missionary position, she smiles again for immoral feeling and sexual pleasure when a dick is inserted slowly. On cowgirl position, her beautiful breasts are bouncing up and down. At last, she reaches orgasm and receives cumshot on her breasts, and she says Ah, it was great! It would be fun to do this sometime..

Strong-minded Wife Betrays Her Husband


Movie Details

Title: Strong-minded Wife Betrays Her Husband

Pornstar: Mayu Haga

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Masturbation

Date: 2016/07/19