A Wife Immerses Herself In An Naughty Affair

Movie comment: Marie Miyata, she is a sexy wife with wide forehead. She hasn’t had sex with her husband for a while and both are having affiars with somebody else. Since their marriage, she has 10 sexual relationships which means once in a year. Her husband comes back home wearily so he always turns down her invitation for sex. She confesses she would never have sex with another guys if he make love with her, which is bit of sad situation… Well, enough talking about her situation. She shows us masturbation at first. The way she moans rolling up her black turtle neck and grabbing her boobs is really sexy and enticing. When her clothe is taken off, her well-shaped beautiful tits are exposed. She feels pleasure with sexy moans as her pussy is devoured by a man avidly. How she is diddled by a vibrator is a must-see, she enjoys its feeling arching her back. In cowgirl sex, she raises loud moans swinging her hair. Her ass are firm and looks so yummy as well. The guy shoots a load of cum on her tits on missionary position as last.

A Wife Immerses Herself In An Naughty Affair


Movie Details

Title: A Wife Immerses Herself In An Naughty Affair

Pornstar: Marie Miyata

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,Masturbation,Rotor,Vibrator,Dildo

Date: 2016/10/13