When An Usual 30's Wife Gets Into Masochism

Movie comment: Kayo Tamuta, she is an usual wife in 30’s looks like working part-time at bakery. Although she’s sociable and neat, she doesn’t get sexual attention from men. She is having sex with her husband occasionally so she doesn’t seems to have sexual urge at first glance. But she does reveal her abnormal masochistic on the scene. When her nice ass gets spanking, she begs for more and more until her ass turns red. Her pussy gets so wet and makes naughty sound when fingered deep inside of it. On the last scene, she reaches orgasm with outstanding moans saying Come on! Come on!.

When An Usual 30’s Wife Gets Into Masochism


Movie Details

Title: When An Usual 30’s Wife Gets Into Masochism

Pornstar: Kayo Tamura

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Electric Massager

Date: 2016/06/07