A Cheating Wife Who Likes Gamble

Movie comment: Kayo Tashiro, she likes gamble. She looks a normal housewife and she doesn’t looks like she is kind of woman who is into gambling. She is occasionally hit on by men in gambling spot, but she doesn’t follow them. She seems to be a type of woman who most of men would like to have one night affair. She says sex with her husband is not satisfying and she doesn’t deny of existence of another man. She talks to us about the man and how she is having fun with him. Sex starts immediately after she tells us about her abnormal sex like blindfold or spanking. When she is undressed, her skin is still radiant and it’s attractive enough to hold a breath even just looking. It’s nice to see her reaction when she is get spanking which she love. As her pussy is fingered, her moans are getting naughtier and her churning sound of her pussy is getting louder. She jumps at the guy’s dick begging to suck it showing us her naughty techniques fostered with her naughty relationship. She takes his thick dick into her mouth and suck it intensely, and she opens her wet pussy expecting his dick. When his dick is inserted to her pussy slowly, she bounces her body for pleasure and says This is the best sex I’ve ever had! Fuck me more…!. So the guy pounds her hard enough and he shoots a load of cum.

A Cheating Wife Who Likes Gamble


Movie Details

Title: A Cheating Wife Who Likes Gamble

Pornstar: Kayo Tamura

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob

Date: 2016/07/23