A Naughty Wife Wears Innocent Mask

Movie comment: Kana Matsuyuki, her black wavy hair gives neat and clean impression. But she wears vivid red underwear and looks aggressive for sex. How she opens her legs and shows her tits is slutty and arousing. She is diddled her ass while her pussy being stimulated with an electronic massager which she seems to love it so much judging from her loud moans and wet pussy. Her emotion seems to be opened up with the pleasure of an electronic massager and she starts bragging about her cheating history. Although the guy accuses her infidelity, he fuck her anyway. She engages in cowgirl sex being grabbed her tits which is sexy scene. Her tits are well-shaped, and her silky skin and tight body is enticing enough. She says she’s looking for an another affair though, it shouldn’t be that hard for a naughty wife like her.

A Naughty Wife Wears Innocent Mask


Movie Details

Title: A Naughty Wife Wears Innocent Mask

Pornstar: Kana Matsuyuki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,Electric Massager

Date: 2016/10/22