Izumi Kanda Training A Masseur

Movie comment: Izumi Kanda’s uncensored video. Hello? Can I ask you a massage? Yeah, 60 mins course please.. A lady who wears suit order massage service smoking cigarette in the hotel room, seems like she has something in mind. Then one masseur came and starts massage after she took off her clothes, but she doesn’t look satisfied… She makes him stop and says It’s not good at all! Not satisfying enough! I’m gonna teach you how it’s done. sitting on the chair and makes him kneel on the floor. Now it’s time for her special training.

Izumi Kanda Training A Masseur


Movie Details

Title: Izumi Kanda Training A Masseur

Pornstar: Izumi Kanda

Age: 30’s

Genre: Pervert,Blowjob,69,Anal,Anal Toy

Date: 2017/06/05