A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane - 1

Movie comment: Hotaru Akane, she has passed away on August, 2016. She has many fan for her incredible squirting, she was engaging in educational activity of gender awareness or HIV precaution other than acting on porn. This is her legacy porn she left for us. She is from Osaka and her eyes are glistening because of her assertive nature. Her first squirting was 2 years after her first sex, and her squirting habit was awaken since then. She first show us masturbation with rotor. As her masturbation gets escalated and she leaks moans saying she cannot hold pee anymore. Then she pees all over the place before she squirts. Her blowjob leading a man to pleasure with handjob after filling his dick with her saliva is very exciting scene. He shoots a load of cum in her mouth. And she releases her pee which she has been held again. On the later part, she plays a role of teacher and show us intense blowjob. You must be thrilled with this naughty situation.

A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane – 1


Movie Details

Title: A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane – 1

Pornstar: Hotaru Akane

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Slender,Handjob,Blowjob

Date: 2016/10/12