A Sadistic Prison Guard's Naughty Taming

Movie comment: Fuka Sasaki, who mesmerize men with her soft and plump body, plays a roll of prison guard and gives lectures to prisoners sadistically. She wears think makeup with curly hair and she’s really for a fun having a whip on her hand. It’s thrilling to she her play as it doesn’t looks she’s playing a roll at all. It’s arousing to see her play, as she puts her pussy onto a guy face rub it really hard with no restraint so the guy gasps. Also you cannot miss the scene she exposes her big white tits. However, she looks she’s not satisfied with services of prisoners… Don’t miss the next one!!!

A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming


Movie Details

Title: A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming

Pornstar: Fuuka Sasaki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Other,Lotion

Date: 2016/06/04