A Sadistic Prison Guard's Naughty Taming - 3

Movie comment: Fuka Sasaki, her body and big tits are praised on some forum site as she’s too sexy. On this video, she plays a roll of a prison guard and tames prisoners. Her plump white body is unbelievably soft and wonderful touch. But the way she treats men is really evil. When she, who is obviously bigger than man’s weight, gets on top of him and makes squeeze sound, the man’s dick somehow fully erected. She rebukes him Why your dick get stiff!?, then the man trembles and says I’m sorry ma’am! You are too attractive so my penis reacted.. She returns Oh, is it so? Then I forgive you. and she gives him a order This is the final trial! You make me cum with your stiff dick!!! and then she moves to a reverse cowgirl position. Her low tone moans makes him scared. But her big tits peeked from her camisole are so sexy. The man cannot stay longer and reaches orgasm really soon, this flips her out and she yells You stay here rest of your life! at him. Enjoy Fuka’s plump body.

A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming – 3


Movie Details

Title: A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming – 3

Pornstar: Fuuka Sasaki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby

Date: 2016/06/16