A Sadistic Prison Guard's Naughty Taming - 2

Movie comment: Fuka Sasaki, she attracts men with her white and plump body. Her silky skin has no flecks even it doesn’t have bite mark of mosquito. But she must be bit by many man for sure. She plays a roll of prison guard and appears in bondage and fishnet stocking. Her pin-heel pumps make her leg more beautiful. First she makes a prisoner lick her pussy and makes him use a dildo. Although she looks scary until a little while ago, she is soaked in sexual pleasure expressing ecstasy when the dildo crawls into her pussy. Then she gets in the sell and she fondle him as much as she wants tying him up with a handcuff. Soon after she saw a prisoner’s fully elected penis, she invites it into her pussy and moves her waist really hard swinging her big tits. He is passive as she moves wildly and he’s a bit surprised for her aggressiveness. He accidentally cums inside her pussy for too much pleasure and she gets pissed and says You’re a bastard! Stay here as long as you want!, then leaves the sell. It’s irresistible for masochistic men!

A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming – 2


Movie Details

Title: A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming – 2

Pornstar: Fuuka Sasaki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Pantyhose,Other,Handjob,Bareback,Rotor,Creampie

Date: 2016/06/09