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Mei Amasaki,Yuka Kuroda: Beauties Play Hard with Black Guy – Orgy


Beauties Play Hard with Black Guy - Orgy

Movie comment: Slender and glamorous, erotic Mei Amasaki and Yuuka Kuroda enjoy orgy party with black guys. Two beauties wearing fancy lingerie are so attractive and guys looks satisfied with those big tits. They start with petting and guys suck nipples of beauties’ ample tits. When Mei and Yuuka open their legs, pink pussies are appeared. Every time they reaches orgasm with e-massager, they twists their body and squirts with erotic moan. Their simultaneous anal fuck are spectacle view. Mai and Yuuka’s wet pussies seems like its cannot satisfy with Japanese guy’s dick anymore after experiencing two huge black cocks!!!

Beauties Play Hard with Black Guy – Orgy


Movie Details

Title: Beauties Play Hard with Black Guy – Orgy

Pornstar: Mei Amasaki,Yuka Kuroda

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Slender,Blowjob,Rotor,Electric Massager,Squirt,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/04/22

Sae Kimura: Shy Wife With Kyoto Dialect Turns Into Nympho


Shy Wife With Kyoto Dialect Turns Into Nympho

Movie comment: An unfussy wife, Sae Kimura, she has been married for 2 years. Her Kyoto Dialect is so sweet. Although she looks simple wife, she has slender body and nice tits. But she helplessly says that her husband doesn’t want to have sex with her at all. When she is asked what kind of sex she is looking for, she embarrassedly replies that she wants to have sex with multiple men toying with her. The way she gets shy about it is really arousing. When she is taken off her clothe, there’s black and red’s sexy lingerie. She is gradually craving for more as she kisses with a man. A man says You are turned on, aren’t you? and she replies Yeah, why not? with her cute dialect expressing ecstasy on her face. When her well-shaped tits are diddled, she seems like enjoying it saying Aha…It’s embarrassing.. With a man’s fingering and pussy licking, she feels pleasure twisting her body making naughty sound of her pussy. Looks like she doesn’t want to be put off a penis anymore, she avidly sucks his penis crying which is attractive. But she cannot concentrate her blowjob as his skillful fingering make her feel too good. She soaks in pleasure with moans which echoes the room and squirting all over the place. In cowgirl sex, she aggressively moves her waist and devours sexual pleasure to release her daily frustration. You can easily tell how much she’s been wanted for this occasion. In missionary, she reaches orgasm shouting and then sucks what’s left on the penis to clean up after the cumshot on her tits.

Shy Wife With Kyoto Dialect Turns Into Nympho


Movie Details

Title: Shy Wife With Kyoto Dialect Turns Into Nympho

Pornstar: Sae Kimura

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Squirt

Date: 2016/09/16

Hotaru Akane: A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane – 2

Young Wife

A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane - 2

Movie comment: Hotaru Akane, she has passed away on August, 2016. Although she is wearing glistening belt, her big eyes are more glistening. This legendary squirting actress shows us her wonderful masturbation. Wearing sexy pantyhose and expressing ecstasy on her face, she sticks her finger into her pussy which is eye-catching enough. She opens her legs and pussy, then she squirt a lot with her own diddling. She slowly takes off her hoodie and shows her tits which are big and look juicy. As her masturbation gets intense, she squirts like fountain. She knows how to squirt properly.

A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane – 2


Movie Details

Title: A Legendary Squirting Actress, Hotaru Akane – 2

Pornstar: Hotaru Akane

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Big Tits,Slender,Pantyhose,Masturbation,Squirt

Date: 2016/10/29

Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.4


Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians - Part.4

Movie comment: Uncensored video of Elly Arai (Elly Akira, Yuka Osawa), Anna Kawamura, and Asuka Ishihara. This is a part.4 of 6 episodes and is about the queen Anna and two lesbians. On this part.4, queen Anna gives personal instruction to Asuka. Anna says Alright, Asuka. I’m gonna teach you something fun. while petting Asuka’s body gently. You have a nice pair of tits. as Anna grabs her big tits, Asuka is gradually feeling naughty. Then queen Anna shows her tits too and Asuka avidly grabs them and even sucks her nipples. Queen Anna is also turned on now, so she takes off her underwear and asks Asuka to lick Anna’s pussy. Asuka joyfully licks Anna’s pussy and Anna sits on Asuka’s face and rubs own pussy and moans with sexy voice. When Anna gets almost cum, she changes her position to 69 and she stimulates Asuka’s pussy. Asuka is feeling too much pleasure until now so that she cannot hold her pee with Anna’s touch on the top of her underwear.

Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.4


Movie Details

Title: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.4

Pornstar: Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara

Age: 30’s

Genre: Pervert,Big Tits,Chubby,69,Lotion,Squirt,Lesbian

Date: 2017/01/26

Reiko Sugimoto: Wife Got Tired Of Husband’s Early Ejaculation


Wife Got Tired Of Husband's Early Ejaculation

Movie comment: Mrs. Sugimoto, she says her husband cum terribly fast. He cum as soon as his cock enters her pussy… Which must be really unsatisfying for her. Although she looks usual woman while she’s having conversation, her tits are well-stacked and they look naughty. She seems to have good sensitivity as well and she feels pleasure only nipples teasing and boldly squirts when fingered. When she gives a blowjob, she does it diligently. Looks like she love having sex other than her husband. Pretty sure this kind of woman goes wild and slutty when she is turned on. Enjoy the sex of this frustrated wife.

Wife Got Tired Of Husband’s Early Ejaculation


Movie Details

Title: Wife Got Tired Of Husband’s Early Ejaculation

Pornstar: Reiko Sugimoto

Age: 30’s

Genre: Blowjob,Squirt

Date: 2016/12/24

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